Thursday, 23 April 2015

King Duncan Monologue

  What possible deed could I have done to be met by such a cruel fate? Macbeth, how merciless could your actions be. Deep in my slumber where I was at most peace, your once brave hands I never knew could be so deadly. How foolish was I to honour you with such a prideful title? To think I had walked upon what I thought was your welcoming home and castle. Only to be greeted with my last breath. That night I caught a glimpse of how truly fearful your eyes were. I'm astonished as to how you could do such a murderous crime. A crime against a man who thought your loyalty would last an eternity. To a man who thought highly of you. To a man who was your king. This betrayal runs deep and ineveitably time will tell the truth of how my fate cane to be. Macbeth, you will not escape your faults. Your unfortunate soul will soon follow mine in the depths of heaven or hell. Mercy would not come to you but brutality that you have showed me, you will encounter.

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